Thursday, October 28, 2021

October 28, 2021

Witcher 1 Beauty And The Beast. Prior to starting the quest, i stumbled upon a page in the witcher wiki saying that there's a way to get vincent meis to stay as a werewolf. If you agree to go to the druids for her, then she'll leave the swamp and head back to the eager thighs brothel in the temple quarter (#2).

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My question is, can you complete the quest (beauty) if you leave him a werewolf, or is curing him the only completion state the. Go to the weeping willow 2. Okay so i have done everything for the quest.

This matches that description better than the games.

Not scaring easily, it soon becomes clear that the beast is more bark than bite, and he (rather awkwardly) invites the witcher inside for a meal. She needs you to go visit the druids and ask for a cure for lycanthropy. Shirt, potion and speak to carmen about true love. Sometime she will show up in the dock area of the swamp.