Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Deer Chili Recipe Crock Pot. Add to crock pot with all remaining ingredients. Add everything to the slow cooker and stir.

Crockpot Venison Chili - The Newlyweds Cookbook
Crockpot Venison Chili - The Newlyweds Cookbook from
Then add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil or bacon grease to the pan. Rerigerator goulash (combine whatever is left in one big pot). Food!, spice up this 4th of july with recipes sure to keep family and friends coming back.

Sprinkle the venison generously with salt and pepper.

Put in slow cooker or crock pot. Add remaining ingredients and stir well. This keeps the venison from getting tough, since it is super lean. Cover, and cook 8 to 10 hours on low, or 5 hours on high.