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January 09, 2021

Steins;Gate Review. Mar 6, 2019 | full review… Steins gate is an adventure game about a group of scientists who invent a time travel machine and have the ability to alter the course of history through their actions.

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Reviewed in the united kingdom on august 4, 2015. If fate doesn't exist then it sure does know how make itself a recognisable concept. Steins;gate isn't a game that is delusional about its use of punctuation, it's a delusional story that can sometimes make no sense but still sound coherent enough to believe it to be science fact than fiction.

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The slapstick bend of steins;gate: Stay tuned to kotaku east for the review of steins;gate: Due to the way the plot ties the many different events of the game together, ishii believes it must have been a lot of work to write the scenarios. Steins;gate (game, time travel, mystery, visual novel).