Sunday, December 20, 2020

December 20, 2020

Wild Mike's Frozen Pizza Review. Natural ingredients, no artifical anything like the box says. It's really big so it feeds me and my brother (we're both teenagers) along with my mom.

37 frozen pizza brands, ranked from worst to best ...
37 frozen pizza brands, ranked from worst to best ... from
Choose from cherry tomato and truffle, mushroom and truffle, and artichoke and truffle options. 116,366 likes · 271 talking about this · 548 were here. The amount of sauce on the pizza is just right!

Some testers loved the pepperoni, while others felt it tasted like it had been pulled straight out of the freezer.

They say baseball is the ultimate american pastime but we're pretty sure it's actually frozen pizza. Great flavor and the price is comparable to other name brand frozen pizzas. This pizza is absolutely massive and is over 2 lbs! Our go to dinner for movie nights, or when we need something quick and easy!