Thursday, September 17, 2020

September 17, 2020

Svs Ultra Tower Review. When i got an offer to review svs ultra tower speakers, i was very excited to review them and enjoy my time with them, as many of you may notice i've been moving towards bookshelf speakers for my 2 channel music listening lately, last floor standing towers i had in my two channel system was ascend acoustics sierra nrt towers, which i enjoy my time with them as well. And this is andrew robinson's review as he takes the speaker and pushes it to see what it can do.

SVS Ultra Tower Review Pt 1 - Hifi Chicken - Hifi Reviews
SVS Ultra Tower Review Pt 1 - Hifi Chicken - Hifi Reviews from
No cheesy vinyl wraps here. Svs ultra series speakers ultra tower speaker. I'm very value conscious, and wasn't sure they would live up to the price.

The ultra series come in piano gloss black or real black oak veneer for the same price.

Svs ultra tower review pt 1. This time we have them in the 2.1 channel system to see how they stack up against others. Svs ultra center $699 / each; This is not your ordinary cabinet design as it uses an angled cabinet to help reduce internal reflections from the dual bass drivers.