Friday, July 24, 2020

Naruto Sharingan Time Travel Fanfiction. Then, i activated the seals, and saw his soul ripped away. And will it be for the better, or for worse?

itachi uchiha ...
itachi uchiha ... from
Chance for a prophecy by dorcyy: Back and on my way ch 1, naruto & Yes, yes, yet another time travel.

He hadn't planned on naruto dying, nor on sasuke letting him live.

After a falling out with the people he used to consider friends, and having enough of the verbal abuse from his village and leaving, naruto falls into depression and all. fanfic idea a naruto who hates the word peace because almost every villain he faced aspired for it. (1) infiltrate orochimaru's hideout and kill uchiha sasuke, now missing nin and considered a criminal by konoha's bingo book. Uchiha's pride complete 23 parts.